Tips for Great Container Gardens

These are the notes from a recent class I taught about container gardening.

Places to get containers:

Local nurseries 

Design Within Reach

Miguel’s  5209 Burnet Rd

Resale shops and junk stores

Don’t skip these steps:

Use potting soil only

Drainage holes are crucial 

-use a drill with a ceramic bit for small pots or masonry bit for large pots

-pot in pot method - you can add a bit of gravel to a ceramic pot with no drainage holes. Then put your plant in a smaller plastic pot with drainage holes. Then put that plastic pot inside the ceramic pot ise spanish moss or raindeer moss on top of the soil to hide the plastic pot.

Helpful hints

Use window screen to cover hole to prevent soil leaking and ants from coming in

Put rocks, Spanish moss or reindeer moss around the top of the soil for a finished look.

Don’t limit yourself in plant selection. Trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials are great to use in addition to annuals and succulents.

Fertilizer needs vary for different plants but fertilizer in pots is important because the plants depend on you for feeding. Hasta gro, compost, espoma are some of my favorites depending on the plant.

Repot plants when they outgrow or pot doesnt hold water anymore, varies depending on plant.