If you DIY, why would you need my advice?

Great question.

Everyone needs a sounding board.

Everyone deserves the best plan available:

A plan that’s creative and inspired.
A plan that saves time and money.
A plan that gets it right the first time around.
A plan that considers every option.

This makes the ‘doing part’ easy.

And this ultimate plan happens with the right collaboration.

I work with you through the ‘planning phase.’

And by the time we’re done, you feel EMPOWERED and READY TO GET TO WORK.

Why work with me?

Can’t you just get advice from the nursery? Or the Internet? Or the neighbor who gardens a lot?

Another great question!

You can and those are wonderful places to get information.

But looking closely at what you are working with is really the key to a successful plan.

As you know, your soil, wind and sloping conditions are different – even from your next-door neighbor.

Plus, even if you have a hold on your yard, there’s the ever-changing weather patterns in Central Texas.

This is where we draw on my experience.

And the plan we come up with takes into account all the contingencies.

Are you ready?

Super. Let’s get started.  

Everything starts with THE WALKTHROUGH.

I drive out to your property and we WALK THROUGH it together.

It only takes two hours.

I’ll be looking at everything. And asking you questions.

You can ask me anything: About plantings, trees, soil conditions, etc.

We talk about what you have and where you’d like to go.

After our 2 hour consult, you will get an info package and notes about what we discussed. Consults are $250 and we accept many forms of payment including cards and Venmo.