Compost tea tips from Aaron Crenshaw at Natural Gardener

The TWCNews Austin and San Antonio Garden Journeys episodes that I host are only 2 minutes long, so it can be a chalkenge to get in all of the pertinent info. Aaron, the compost tea brewmaster at Natural Gardener, who appeared on a recent interview, gave me his notes to include in my blog to make sure we get all of his knowledge out there! He says- 

"It is very important to have consistentcy when brewing commercially. 4 most important variables when brewing commercially:

1.  Use rainwater- slightly acidic 5.6-5.8 ph, no chemicals like flouride or chlorine/chloramine, city water can slow bacterial reproduction and in some cases kill off good organisms. 

2. Use good quality compost and amendments- different composts have different bacteria and fungi.  Inlike the Lady Bug Brand Revitalizer and Fox Farms Soil Conditioner. Along with good compost you need good amendments to help the bacteria and fungi. 

3. It is very important to have lots of oxygen and circulation. This will give the organisms plenty of oxygen and food to grow and populate. We use 2 air stones, a circulation pump and an areator for the compost bag. 

4. It is very important to check for life and potency before you sell. We use a microscope." 


Even though Aaron is brewing commercially these are also all good tips for home gardeners who are dablling in making compost tea at home. I believe compost tea is the answer to many gardening problems so I hope you will buy some from a locally owned nursery or try your hand in making it yourself.