Mosquitos suck!

I learned so much from my allergist, Dr Maria Gutierrez, while shooting our segment about mosquitos. Fact of the segment: it's the chemicals in the mosquito saliva that make us feel itchy! A cold pack to soothe itchy bites is an awesome idea. I also didn't know that wearing light colored clothing can prevent mosquito bites in the first place.  Since I work outside I get all kinds of bites and rashes all the time, Dr Gutierrez has helped me a lot...especially with my allergy to honey bees and wasps! I'm currently getting immunotherapy shots for bees and wasps to reduce my reactions. I keep a perscription steroid cream on hand to cut poison ivy off at the pass too. It also works on chiggers and helps the bites heal faster since I'm not scratching them all the time. Visit Dr Gutierrez here.